On Todd's 40th BDAY

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DESCRIPTION OF THE PHOTOS: there are two professionally taken portrait photos of Todd at the bottom of this webpage; the photos are placed side by side, and the photo on the right is a mirror image of the photo of the left, or vice-versa, because we could also say that the photo on the left is a mirror image of the photo on the right; Todd has short brown hair and he's wearing a blue and white striped button down shirt that also has a touch of purple inside the collar; Todd is clean shaven, but he isn't wearing any jewelry or makeup; he has an easy smile, and most of his upper teeth are showing; his lower teeth are a tiny bit visible too, and he is looking directly at the camera, but his neck appears to be turned about 30 degrees to his left, and so he appears to be standing at ease but looking 30 degrees to his left, but in reality he's probably not actually turning his neck; he only appears to be turning his neck because his whole skull was probably distorted by accident during surgery in 2001:

professionally taken portrait photo of Todd mirror image of the professionally taken portrait photo of Todd

UPDATE ON DEC. 14, 2020: The content of this birthday wish has been added to version 1.34 of a document called $hark1njury, which can be read for free online at sharkinjury.com

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