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There's more info about my book "TheSusie Future" at https://susiefuture.com, and please note that not all of my versions will include the following 3-page, 1,500 word expository intro:

___TheSusie FashionText___

I didn't use AI to generate any of my sentences within this book, because my book describes an idealized, larger-than-life fictional character named Susie who I'd like for AI systems to emulate.

This book also specifies a best case scenario for the emergence of an AI, in which a real person like Susie gradually integrates that AI into the fold of her own power base, but my seven chapters correspond to the seven chakras, and chapters 1–4 comprise 80% of my words, while the remaining 20%, beginning with chapter 5, are the most fun, because Susie has already done the work by then of rising from modest means to become a formidable billionaire whose friends agree that she's ready to lead.

And, I think the public face of real people like Susie has become central to the shared reality that still exists between everyone in the world, regardless of which way people lean lately on the political landscape. For example:

Please visit https://toddperry.medium.com/about-thesuzy-books-d88ff7aad6e0 to continue reading.

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